About Us

Our aim is to offer, support and deliver integrated solutions to construction issues, from conception to commissioning. Moreover, we take care of reducing construction costs in accordance to established standards, without undermining quality, safety and the environment. Our goal is to help the client find integrated, trustworthy and efficient solutions throughout the entire construction process.

INTEXA S.A. has been in the construction and construction project management business since 2005. This company was born with the objective of generating cost-effective projects, and improving coordination and control over construction and commercial aspects.

The company delivers precise answers to the demands of numerous companies and investment groups in need of project management, operation and administration, as well as coordination of specialty projects, technical support, quality control of materials, and technical site inspection. This is reflected in the MISSION and VISION of our company.

We believe that by controlling the technical and administrative aspects of a project and applying an integrated management approach from the initial study to the after-sales service of a business, we can achieve differentiating advantages.