Last Planner

“Lean Construction is a new philosophy geared towards production management in construction, and its fundamental goal is to remove activities that do not add value (losses). As a way of contributing to this goal, we have implemented the Last Planner® System methodology, allowing us to envision workflow over the medium term and weed out activities that do not generate value. Next, we develop a feasible workflow to be carried out and then plan short-term tasks that generate value (weekly work planning).

To accomplish this, we develop the following measurement parameters:

  1. Productivity Analysis – PPC (Percent Planned Complete) – KPI: We create a productivity index, calculating a relation between the number of completed activities and the number of planned activities.
  2. Cause Analysis of NON-Completion: We measure the primary causes hindering the execution of the plan, causing an extension of the time frame, a decrease in the productivity rate, and an increase in cost.
  3. Identification of Periods with Efficient or Deficient Relative Speed: We carry out an analysis to assess whether the project is progressing efficiently or inefficiently according to the initial work plan. Every week we measure the actual speed of progress with the planned speed of progress, thereby monitoring the scheduled time frames.
  4. Constraint Compliance: We acquire an index indicating how the constraints have been resolved and dealt with over the short term.

Using the aforementioned information, we evaluate the productive behavior of the project according to a distinctive, all-encompassing vision in order to identify the particular productive tendency of subcontracts and supervisors. Furthermore, we improve the supply chain via the Just in Time (JIT) approach, implementing decision-making alternatives through such tools as continuous improvement or kaizen, using an operational, tactical, and strategic vision, and identifying elements of prevention through probabilistic methods to deal with schedule delays.”