Engineering Projects

Engineering Project focuses on the development and design of engineering projects, encompassing most of the specialties required in a project.

Mining Industry Services

We have strengthened our know-how and our accumulated experience in those services in which we add value, mainly, structures needed to support mining projects, such as offices, work camps, roads, workshops, and warehouses. Our team of professionals know the standards, urgency, and requirements of the mining client, and are devoted to reviewing, improving, designing, and inspecting works, as well as managing the necessary permits with the appropriate authorities.

Among these services, our experience stands out in the following:

  • Engineering development (including plumping engineering, electric, HVAC, fire safety and earthwork, among others).
  • Facility consulting and standardization (technical support in permit management through a revision of engineering already developed).
  • Technical site inspection of works (for the correct execution of mitigating works, measurement approvals, nonconformities, and substandard conditions).
Electric Projects

At INTEXA engineering, we provide efficient design of electric projects related to energy generation, transition or distribution. In this manner, we provide our client an energetic proposal with the best performance at the lowest cost associated with the operation as well its implementation. We achieve this through the design of optimized electric projects, development technical specifications, load charts, and unilineal diagrams, among others.

Low Voltage Projects

Low Voltage electrical installation projects are developed for buildings that require nominal electrical installations lower or equal to 1.000 volts in alternate current or 1.500 volts in direct current.

Medium Voltage Projects

When we talk about electrical installations with nominal tensions between 1000 volts and 36 kilovolts, we are talking about medium-tension projects.

Structured Cabling System Projects

Structured wiring projects are developed to be implemented in an efficient manner and to reduce local area network costs, evaluating, among others, the material, quantity, and design of the UTP/STP twisted pair cable.

Energy Quality Measuring Projects

Monitoring the power usage of plants and building to provide the data needed to make vital power quality decisions.

Lighting Projects

We develop lighting projects considering technical, functional, environmental, and aesthetic factors, as required. Our lighting projects focus on the client’s operation.

Wireless and Wireline Projects

Wireless and wireline projects include voice and data projects, which consider the following aspects:

  • Development of planimetry for voice and data in accordance to the architecture provided.
  • Communications rack installation, links, and workstations.
  • Design and development of technical specifications with applicable rules and standards, product brands, and wire category in accordance to the client’s requirements.
  • Development of technical specifications.

The final objective of wireless and wireline projects is that it adapts to the operation of the final client.

Security Projects

Security Projects include the development of alarm and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) projects in any type of property and industry, in order to provide protection in accordance to the client’s requirements.

Alarm Projects

Alarm Projects include the development of planimetry for the channeling of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), alarm, intercom, and controlled access requirements, among others.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Projects

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Projects comprise the development of the following items:

  • Development of planimetry for placing equipment (cameras and other equipment) in accordance to the architecture provided.
  • Data rack´s installation, links, and workstations.
  • Design and development of technical specifications with applicable rules and standards, product brands, and wire category in accordance to the client’s requirements.
  • Development of technical specifications.
Pumping Engineering

Our sanitation projects focus on improving the resources assigned for water use for both human consumption and sewage. For this, we provide feasibility evaluations; land measurements; designing of supply networks for drinking water, waste water, and rainwater; plan editing; and approval of company sanitation services.

Drinking Water Supply Projects

Drinking Water Supply Projects take into consideration the development of sanitation engineering to deliver drinking water inside a determined premise, in accordance to the needs of its users and specific requirements. The design and calculations of drinking water facilities will guarantee, in any circumstance, the preservation of the water’s potabilitys and an adequate supply to any device pursuant to Chilean regulations, guidelines from the superintendence, and the practices commonly employed in sanitation engineering. Likewise, the design and materials used must guarantee the correct functioning and durability of the facilities during the expected life span of the property.

Sewerage Projects

Sewerage Projects consider the development of sanitation engineering needed to evacuate domestic waste water from a determined premise, from the device through the last home chamber, including or the disposition systems themselves.

Rainwater Control Engineering

Rainwater Control Engineering consider the development of sanitation engineering for the implementation of a general water system designed for the collection, piping, and disposition of rainwater.

Gas Projects

Gas Projects consider the development of engineering for the design of internal gas networks to supply all devices connected to it.

Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Projects

Air conditioning projects comprise heating as well as cooling projects, wherein we perform thermal load estimate, develop the engineering for the chosen air conditioning system, select materials/equipment, define shaft space and electrical and fuel requirements, define control systems, and develop planimetry. The goal is to achieve an air conditioning project that adapts to the real needs of the final user.

Fire Protection Engineering (FPE)

We develop Fire Control Projects considering existing regulations and the characteristics of each company and industry.

Fire Detection and Alarm Projects
Fire detection and alarm projects are based on the design of flexible architecture capable of being expanded for future implementations. We also design addressable systems that recognize the status and operation of each element.

Fire Protection Projects
For fire protection projects we consider the nature of the risk associated to each area and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulations and/or client´s requirements as a starting point, and we also take into consideration national regulations as a regulatory framework for the project.

Fuel Load Projects
In fuel load projects, we consider different existing Chilean regulations, information from the project’s plans, architectural technical specifications, and structural calculation projects to determine the density of the legal fuel load in the premises.

Escape Routes Projects

We develop escape routes projects in relation to the number of people in the building and the limits established by the client, delivering building sheets that show escape routes and the minimal requirements to comply with existing regulations.

Structural Engineering Projects

Structural calculation projects consider:

  • Structural calculation pursuant to existing Chilean regulations.
  • Foundation plans, structural floors, slab floors, and ceilings.
  • Constructive elevations and details.
  • Calculation report.
  • Technical specifications.
  • Plans issued for construction.
  • Documents to be submitted to the municipality.
Waste Management Projects

We develop waste management projects, which include waste control and management, pursuant to the client’s requirements and applicable regulations.

Earthworks and Levelling

Earth work and levelling projects are designed to allow correct splicing of pavement, considering architectural layouts, topography layouts, requirements and recommendations of the soil mechanic.

Pavement Engineering

In pavement projects, we perform the geometrical design of pavement pursuant to earthwork, levelling, and rainwater projects.

Transport Studies

Within transport studies, one of the most prominent ones is the road impact study, which is divided in the following developmental stages:

  • Area of Influence: Study of each entry and exit to public roadway(s) analyzed to the closest intersection(s) with traffic lights.
  • Description of the current situation and the project: details of signaling and demarcation aspects in relation to existing traffic, physical infrastructure and roadway operation in the area of influence.
  • Proposal of Mitigation Measures: Analysis of operative aspects, traffic safety criteria, and accessibility to public and private transportation.
  • Outline of Physical and Operative Access: Revision of regulatory and operational of the project’s accesses, in accordance to the requirements of this type of study in terms of location, geometry, and use.


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