Technical Site Inspection Of Works

We classify the Technical Site Inspection of Works into two items: Field and Administrative. Field ITO contemplates the quality certification of the work site during the construction, while the Administrative Inspection involves the management of administrative aspects of the construction contract. The inspection includes managing and programming work site meetings, managing work site progress in relation to the basic program given by the construction company, managing the execution plan of control tests and coordination of project modifications, delivering information to the client regarding deviations related to the original programs with corrective measures, monitoring and defining additional and extraordinary jobs, managing, reviewing and approving invoice payments to the construction company and municipal reception, etc.

In response to our search for continuous improvement and efficiency in our services, we incorporate Project Management Metodology (of the PM Institute) to obtain better performance in each of the projects in which we participate.

Project Managment Office (PMO)

The Project Managment Office (PMO) is our responsible department  for standardizing and controlling processes and performance of the projects in which we participate. This team establishes the fundamental components and steps to be developed on the project critical phases  for the correct execution of each project. The PMO office controls and develops the analysis of the information presented by each project. This allows us to improve productivity having an effective supervision, increasing the alignment of the projects with the objectives, reducing cost, standardizing procedures, tools and templates for the management, implying an increase in the reliability of information.

Last Planner

Through the implementation is the Last Planner Methodology, we can optimize the construction process of a project, which conceive as a productive process. Last Planner is a methodology born from the philosophy of Lean Construction, or construction without the “fat”, whose objective is to eliminate activities that do not add value to the production chain of a construction project. For the implementation of this methodology in a project, we work in collaboration with the designated construction company, ensuring that all parties involved in the project are aligned in terms of deadlines, quality, safety, and budget.